Blog Post #3

Blog Post #3

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OMG it’s real, the book just came back from the printers and Jonathan Eyers at Bloomsbury who has steered it so relentlessly from the start, has just sent me this photo of him turning the pages of the advance copies. If you’d like one in order to review it please give me a shout.

This week I came across a video that gives a really good feel for what it’s like to be picked up by a helicopter from 771 Naval Air Squadron.

I have to pause today to remember our old mate Pete Barnes who died two years ago when his Agusta 109 struck the jib of a construction crane near Battersea in London. Even for a pilot of Pete’s great experience and expertise it’s just too easy to do; one small thing adds to another small thing and suddenly there’s just no way back from the compounding problems. Pete’s contributions to the operation of the London Air Ambulance Service were legendary and there are many walking the streets tody who owe their lives to him.  We all miss you Pete.